Past Projects

Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Sudbury, Ontario
Expansion and upgrade to the David Street Water Treatment Plant included; Demolition of the existing intake structure and well. Construction of new Raw water wet wells, new raw water pumps and gallery, Zenon filtration modules, and new high lift pumps and gallery. Improvements also included a new... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Burlington, Ontario
Demolition of existing filters, sedimentation tanks and associated superstructure; selective demolition and modification to the existing administration building; replacement and upgrading of existing high lift and low lift pumps; new stand-by power system consisting of a 2000 kW diesel generator... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Burlington, Ontario
Retrofitting 4 existing filters including: removing existing filter media and surface agitation piping, new stainless steel underdrain system, new air scour system complete with air headers and valves, new filter media, and modifications to the existing PLC system.Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Sarnia, Ontario
Major expansion and retrofit of the existing Sarnia Water Pollution Control Centre to include; two new primary clarifiers, four new aeration tanks, four new secondary clarifiers, a new blower building, new UV building, new grit tanks, grit pump room and a new electrical substation. The work also... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Barrie, Ontario
Installation of rotary drum thickener and polymer equipment. Selective demolition and removal of existing concrete and pipe-work, installation of new process piping, upgrading of electrical and instrumentation equipment.Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Langley, British Columbia
Expansion to the existing Langley Wastewater Treatment Plant including; a new influent pumping station, new trickling filters over the existing RBC tanks, new sludge thickening facility, additional chlorine contact tank, and circular clarifier as well as retrofit modifications to the existing final... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Lethbridge, Alberta
Expansion and retrofit of existing Lethbridge Wastewater Treatment Plant includes; complete retrofit conversion of the existing ten cell aeration tank facility to a new BNR (Biological Nutrient Removal) Facility sequenced in construction so as not to interfere with normal plant operations as well... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Port Simpson, British Columbia
Construction of a new water treatment facility in the remote First Nation community of Port Simpson, 30 km north of Prince Rupert, B.C. All equipment and materials had to be barged along the Pacific coast line. The plant consists of primary and secondary limestone contactors, plate settling tank,... Read More
Project Type: | Location: Pickle Lake, Ontario
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Cochrane, Ontario
Expansion to the existing Cochrane Water Treatment Plant including; construction of a new underground clearwell reservoir, new lagoons, filter cells, lime feed and chlorination equipment, and chemical systems and injection equipment. Work also involved demolition of the existing outdated water... Read More