Learning & Development

To have a long standing career within NAC and help support the continued success of the company, individuals need to have the necessary skills required to be able to respond to challenges with self-confidence, creative solutions and the ability to "think outside the box". You have to be able to “build” and work as part of a team, strive for continuous learning, be able to foresee problems and steer clear of avoidable mistakes.

Our approach to learning & development is to invest in our employees and provide relevant skill based learning that is “NAC-ified” to increase employee engagement & job fulfillment, as well as productivity, growth & profit.

NAC values the commitment of employees who choose to further their knowledge and develop advanced skills and will provide financial support to assist employees with the cost of continuing education.

We offer a number of learning & development opportunities and programs, to employees at all levels of the organization, such as:

On the job training, Apprenticeship, Leadership Essentials, Supervisory/Leadership, Mentorship, Job Shadowing, Red Seal Exam Prep, Health & Safety Training, Skill Based Training, Software Systems, Quality, On-line / In-classroom Settings, Professional Designation