Apprentice Training

NAC has apprentices enrolled in nearly all construction trades, such as carpenters, pipefitters, plumbers, and electricians to name a few. We do this because we recognize the critical shortages that the skilled trades will experience due to an aging workforce.

Apprenticeship at NAC is viewed as another form of post-secondary education that combines paid, work-based training, with technical training in a classroom or shop setting. Successful completion of both components, along with examinations, is required to earn a Certificate of Qualification and become a certified tradesperson.

It is NAC’s passion to invest in all our apprentices. It is a privilege and an honour to be an apprentice for NAC but it involves hard work, commitment and dedication to become a certified tradesperson. NAC gives you the opportunity to be part of this team, become successful in your trade and start a lifelong rewarding career. In return, we ask for your commitment and loyalty so together we can continue to build our strengths by expanding our workforce, allowing growth and ensuring our future.

Kick-start your career with an apprenticeship at NAC or come join our team - check out our current opportunities in our careers section.