The NAC Process

In its simplest form your project is the means to an end. You want a favorable outcome, especially when it comes to time and budget. NAC seeks to thoroughly understand your needs; needs that may change given the different phases of a project's financing, planning or construction.

NAC understands the dilemma facing today's entrepreneurs. You need detailed costing and knowledgeable budgets in order to get financing — but budgets require financing — creating the proverbial chicken and the egg situation.

At No Cost to You:

Step One is getting to know each other. NAC listens to a client and then engages in a dialogue that will begin to define both the client's and NAC’s expectations. Initial budgets are drafted at no cost so that a client can obtain financing or permissions.

If You Decide to Proceed:

Step Two is a more formalized and detailed presentation of the scope of work. At this point a goodwill deposit is exchanged and a final detailed timeline and budget is prepared.

If You Decide to Proceed:

Step Three, construction, commissioning and completion.