Workplace Respect Policy

Freedom from bullying, harassment, and violence in the workplace is a fundamental right of all employees. 

NAC is firmly committed to ensuring a positive and professional working environment to building and preserving a safe, productive, and healthy working environment, based on mutual respect for all its employees. In pursuit of this goal, NAC does not condone and will not tolerate acts of disrespectful behavior, including; violence, harassment, discrimination, or bullying against or by any NAC employee, subcontractor, agency staff/contractor, supplier and client. 

Our Workplace Anti-violence, Harassment, and Sexual Harassment Policies, herein named “Respect Policy” is not meant to stop free speech or to interfere with everyday interactions. NAC has established roles, responsibilities and expectations within the workplace, including the development and implementation of workplace respect policies and programs. In support of this, NAC provides information and training to all employees.