Workplace Respect Policy


Freedom from bullying, harassment, and violence in the workplace is a fundamental right of all employees.  All forms of bullying, discrimination, harassment and violence (hereinafter, referred to as a violation of respect) by management, supervisors, workers, subcontractors, suppliers and clients will not be tolerated.  Violations will be investigated and if substantiated will be dealt with expeditiously.  Violations will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.


A spirit of fairness to all parties involved is essential.  All information, evidence and circumstances will be carefully considered when deciding upon a course of action.


The efficient and confidential handling of all complaints and other actions taken to resolve, prevent or address violations of respect will be carefully observed to ensure that the rights of individuals are not prejudiced or jeopardized.




North America Construction (1993) Ltd. is firmly committed to ensuring a positive and professional working environment in which all people are treated with respect and dignity. NAC believes in a proactive approach to workplace respect and are committed to providing employees with a healthy and safe workplace, free from physical or psychological bullying, discrimination, harassment and violence.  This policy outlines the expectations set forth by the company with regards to respect in the workplace, as well as the consequences for not demonstrating the same.




This policy applies to all employees, including part time, casual / temporary employees, contract employees and full time employees; both hourly and salary, including subcontractors and suppliers.






To support the objective of providing all employees with a healthy safe workplace, it is required that managers, supervisors and workers take preventative action to ensure that risks to individual’s health and safety due to violations of respect are eliminated or reported.  Everyone is responsible to strictly follow the procedures outlined in this policy.


Managers and Supervisors

Managers and Supervisors are responsible to:

  •  Make employees aware of this Policy
  •  Provide, with appropriate assistance, interpretations to employees regarding potential breaches of the policy
  •  Create and maintain a workplace which demonstrates respect and professionalism.  
  •  Ensure that harassment, bullying and violence are not allowed, condoned or ignored 
  •  To prevent the development, escalation or recurrence of incidents that violate the respect policy.

Managers may be considered party to the offence if they fail to take corrective actions.



Employees are responsible to:

  •  Read and comply with this policy.
  •  Request an interpretation of the policy from their Manager if they are unsure whether any of their behaviours, circumstances or interests may be in present or future breach of the policy
  •  Treat all other employees with respect 
  •  Speak up when bullying, discrimination, harassment or violence occurs.  
  •  Report any violations of this policy to the appropriate person 
  •  Maintain confidentiality at all times and only speak to the appropriate managers, not to other co-workers regarding any complaint 
Please see NAC's full policy for details on procedures.