Aboriginal Inclusion

NAC Constructors Ltd. is fully committed to providing maximum opportunities for Canada’s Aboriginal People’s.  The very nature of our target markets often places us in close proximity to First Nations communities and traditional territories across this vast country.  NAC’s goal is to always leave these communities better off for NAC having been there through one or more of the following methods;

• direct training and employment
• subcontracting to local Aboriginal businesses
• direct supply of materials
• joint venture partnerships or work agreements

Once awarded a project, NAC’s full time First Nations liaison establishes an open channel of communication with the local band Chief and Council.  A meeting is normally held to introduce NAC to the ruling elders and to explain the goals of the project.  Concurrently, NAC’s human resource professionals travel to the nearest population center to the project and hold a job fair at a local hotel or community center.  This job fair is publicized through local news agencies well in advance, thus allowing local Aboriginal Peoples and other community members to see what opportunities exist and to apply for either direct employment with NAC or apply for subcontractor/supplier status. 

Those who qualify for direct employment, apprenticeships, or pre-apprentice training are then offered positions with the company under our CLAC labour agreement which allows local hiring.  On the job safety training as well as task specific training is then provided in accordance with both the client’s and NAC’s internal safety and quality policies.


NAC is a proud member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB), supporting the continued growth of Aboriginal businesses across Canada and building sustainable relationships.

For more information, visit www.ccab.com


Examples of previously completed NAC projects in which target levels for aboriginal employment were established include;

St. Mary Dam Spillway Project in Alberta which required 50% aboriginal employment from the local Blood Tribe (Kainai Nation)

Port Simpson Water Treatment Plant located in British Columbia completed for the Lax Kw’Alaams Band Council

Mine Raise Collars Project at the remote Musselwhite Gold Mine in Northern Ontario

Further to this, NAC has also entered into various partnership arrangements with First Nations communities. We currently have numerous active partnerships with First Nations organizations across Canada.

NAC has a long term Joint Venture Partnership with the Wahgoshig First Nation of Cochrane, Ontario. This JV Partnership is unique in that the main focus of the partnership is to achieve long term benefits for the Wahgoshig community, as well as an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship with NAC. Unlike most project based agreements, this Joint Venture goes well beyond the current Detour Gold Mine Development project that impacts the Wahgoshig First Nation. NAC is working together with WFN to provide not only the traditional opportunities for First Nations workers during the initial construction of the project, but also innovative and long term capacity building opportunities that will benefit the local community for the life of the mine- up to and including the mine closure in the decades to come. Overall, NAC endeavours to think beyond the traditional Contractor/First Nation partnership roles and is committed to the ongoing, long-term benefits to the community as well as capacity building and training for the future generations.


NAC is also a member and corporate sponsor of the Aboriginal Human Resource Council. The Aboriginal Human Resource Council creates and markets a wide range of resources to help Aboriginal people participate fully in Canada's economy. We do this through building bridges with connections, partnerships and solutions between Canada's Aboriginal and business communities

For more information, visit http://www.aboriginalhr.ca/