Apprentice Training

NAC has apprentices enrolled in nearly all construction trades, such as carpenters, pipefitters, plumbers, and electricians to name a few. We do this because we recognize the critical shortages that the skilled trades will experience due to an aging workforce.

What you may not know is that if you have been working in the trade, you may qualify to enroll as an apprentice at the 2nd or 3rd Level by counting your previous work experience.

You can find out more about Apprenticeships by visiting the following web site:


There you can explore various trades and take a quiz to see if you are suited for the trade that interests you. You can also explore the Human Resources Canada website, as well as inquire at you local HRDC Job Centre.

If you are already enrolled as an apprentice and you would like to explore the opportunities offered at NAC, please contact our Human Resources Department.

Pre-apprenticeship Construction Programs (PAC)

NAC has a strong corporate commitment to addressing the shortage of skilled trades by designing programs that assist youth in preparing for, and obtaining employment in the Heavy Construction field. NAC has demonstrated this commitment by participating fully in all aspects of a Youth Internship Canada program in 2002-2003.

Nearly 200 students from several high schools were interviewed and tested for the program and 20 were chosen to participate. The program consisted of 10 weeks of practical instruction and 6 months of paid placement at one of our job sites.

For its contribution to skills and career development of young people, NAC won a prestigious 2002 Honour Roll Award from the Halton Apprenticeship Advisory Council, and most recently won this award again in May 2007 for our work with apprenticeship training in 2006. NAC has since run 4 more Programs, called Pre-Apprenticeship Programs, and is about to run our 5th program. We have run 3 more in the field of Carpentry, and one in the field of Plumbing & Pipefitting. Each successful participant from each program has been signed up with the Ministry of Training as an apprentice.

NAC is a rapidly growing company, unique in the Heavy Construction field for its progressive approach to human resource development and its participation in the preparation of an up-and-coming workforce. With an eye to growth and the immediate need to expand its workforce, based on projects from the Maritimes to British Columbia, NAC is well positioned to play an important role in providing sustainable careers for Canadian Youth.

The Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Programs provide skills acquisition through in-class instruction and hands-on project experiences. Topics include:

  • Employability Skills
  • Workplace communication skills
  • Safe and effective use of tools, equipment and machinery
  • Material and product knowledge
  • Pre-apprenticeship generic skills development

For more information on this program, contact our Human Resources Department.