With a strong commitment to safety excellence and successful project execution, NAC has grown far beyond expectations.

NAC is capable of performing civil, architectural, mechanical and electrical work. Our team includes equipment operators, carpenters, millwrights, labourers, pipefitters, plumbers and electricians.

What this means to you as a potential employee is that NAC can provide continuous work for you, rather than be hired and then laid off after each project.

In fact, NAC makes a point of keeping its trained and loyal employees busy year round, year after year. Numerous sources have identified a massive shortage in the Skilled Trades and so the industry offers long-term employment for anyone not afraid of hard work and commitment to excellence and without the stress so often found in today's office environment.

The company is young, dynamic, and offers great opportunities for anyone wanting a rewarding career in construction.

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Explore our Employment Section and find out how you can have a rewarding career in the growing construction industry and know the pride felt in building for the future.