Safety Program

At NAC — everything begins and ends with safety. We will not compromise safety under any circumstances. We know that our clients take safety seriously. We do too.

Training, education, and attitude are key fundamentals of workplace health and safety in our company, which services a wide range of industries. All employees are charged with and have readily accepted the responsibility of protecting themselves and all those who could be affected by their actions. NAC has developed competency standards and hazard assessment tools for safely undertaking all critical tasks, with employees actively involved in this process.

NAC's Health and Safety Program supports continuous life-long learning and awareness for managers, supervisors, and employees.

The Field Level Risk Assessment reflects our commitment to workplace health and safety during every activity through to project completion. The NAC Safety Awards Program is implemented to compensate our employees with tangible rewards in return for an annual accident-free record.

An absolute commitment to the safety of our workers is a core value of our company. We will not compromise safety under any circumstances. We know that our clients take safety seriously, and so do we — our people, performance and programs speak for themselves. Our well-documented safety program is the framework for our success. However, it is our passion for our people and their safety that drives the program. We want everyone to go home safe — every day.

At NAC, we believe that all accidents are foreseeable, predictable and preventable. We strive for zero lost-time on each project through good management and utilization of our resources, a proactive approach to safety, a strong supervisory presence, and hazard assessment.

Safety Policy Statement:

It is NAC's policy to provide a safe workplace environment for our workers and subcontractors. Safety begins at the top, with commitment from senior management. We regard the safety of our employees, subcontractors and facilities as the most important factor in the operation of our business. The safety of each worker is NAC's focus. Every risk can be avoided or controlled to prevent injuries. Management is responsible for providing a safe work environment and for ensuring that work is performed safely. Each employee is made aware of his or her responsibility for working safely with equal concern for the safety of co-workers. Safety excellence can only be achieved through the support and active participation of everyone. All employees and subcontractors must accept and comply with the NAC organization rules and regulations outlined in the Safety Management System Manual. Non-compliance with rules, regulations and procedures cannot and will not be tolerated.