Sperling Pumping Station Upgrade Project

New Landscaping surrounding pump station
Pump truck next to formwork for building addition slab pour
Formwork for concrete column pours
Pump station with new building addition
Project Owner: 
Greater Vancouver Sewerage & Drainage District
Project Consultant: 
Project Value: 
Project Years: 
Jan. 2017 - Nov. 2017

The Sperling Pumping Station project involved the long term permanent bypass system (for the duration of the project and beyond), pump chamber, submersible pumps, valves and piping, a hot tap connection to the existing 508 mm force-main, connection manholes, electrical control system, power supply and temporary standby generator. A long term permanent submersible pump bypass system was provided that was able to pump the required 610 l/s at a total dynamic head of approximately 10 m without interruption for the full construction period and beyond. Full 24/7 standby, supervision and monitoring of the pumps was also provided.

The project also involved upgrades to the pump station intake works including the following; a new sewer junction chamber, wet well modifications, and a new inlet slide gate; New larger sewage pumps and motors; Replacement and modifications to the suction and discharge piping and valves; Replacement of all pump discharge piping and valves; New valve chamber at connection of pump header and forcemain, including flow meter and valve(s); Electrical and communication upgrades including new hydro feed, dual voltage 25/12.5 kV transformer and switchgear, PLC, MCC, etc., reduced voltage starters and communications equipment; New HVAC systems, lighting systems, and plumbing system; New standby generator system; New odour control system; Building additions to house the upgrades; Architectural and landscaping improvements; Seismic upgrades; Two access roads, paving and curbing, landscaping, etc.

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