Past Projects

Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: White Rock, British Columbia
The Oxford Water Treatment Plant (Design-Build) project involved the design and construction of a new water treatment plant, interconnecting piping between the Oxford WTP and Reservoir Pumping Station site and the Merklin Reservoir and Pumping Station site, interconnecting piping be-tween well #4... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: New Westminster, British Columbia
The 38-year-old Sapperton Pump Station in New Westminster will be replaced with a new liquid waste pump station on the 1.9-acre site adjacent to Metro Vancouver’s Sapperton Landing property. The new facility is expected to be finished in 2018. Replacement of the existing pump station is required... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Richmond, British Columbia
The Iona Island Wastewater Treatment Plant Gates Replacement project included the replacement of 18 existing grit chamber effluent slide gates with six (6) larger and manually actuated slide gates. Also included were structural concrete modifications, handrail modifications to grit chambers 1-6,... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Delta, British Columbia
The Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant Blower Installation project included the removal of two existing solids contact tank blowers and associated items and the installation of three new 700hp blowers with three pad mounted transforms and associated items. In order to complete the upgrade on... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Contract #4 for the Winnipeg South End Water Pollution Control Center (SEWPCC) involves expanding and upgrading the facility to meet the operating and effluent limits outlined in Environment Act License 2716RR dated April 18, 2012, as well as accommodating year 2031 forecasted influent flows and... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Nanaimo, British Columbia
The Greater Nanaimo Pollution Control Center project consists of an expansion and upgrades to the existing wastewater treatment plant in general, and specifically new wastewater process structures including screening building, bioreactors, secondary clarifiers, aeration and thickening building, RAS... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: ,
The Winnipeg South Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase IV Expansion includes the construction of the following scope of work: • Construction of three Bioreactors and one Blower Building concrete structures • Construction of two Secondary Clarifier concrete structures • Supply and Installation of... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: London, Ontario
The Greenway WPCP Project is a major expansion to a live plant involving multiple stages and phases which are required to maintain the ongoing functionality of the facility. Below is a listing of the various activities which will occur during the construction of the expansion to this facility: •... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Orangeville, Ontario
The Orangeville Water Pollution Control Plant Expansion and upgrades includes: a new detritor rake mechanism; additional bioreactor; new mechanical mixers in the first aerobic zone of bioreactor No.’s 4 and 5; replacement of all existing mixed liquor return pumps (new and old plants); replacement... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Boyne, Ontario
The Britannia Pumping Station involves the construction of a new 1000 L/s wastewater pumping station including overflow discharge to the Sixteen Mile Creek and installation of a 450mm forcemain on the existing Britannia Road Sixteen Mile Creek bridge crossing, with two stubs for future 450mm... Read More