Past Projects

Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
The Winnipeg South Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase IV Expansion includes the construction of the following scope of work: • Construction of three Bioreactors and one Blower Building concrete structures • Construction of two Secondary Clarifier concrete structures • Supply and Installation of... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: London, Ontario
The Greenway WPCP Project is a major expansion to a live plant involving multiple stages and phases which are required to maintain the ongoing functionality of the facility. Below is a listing of the various activities which will occur during the construction of the expansion to this facility: •... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Orangeville, Ontario
The Orangeville Water Pollution Control Plant Expansion and upgrades includes: a new detritor rake mechanism; additional bioreactor; new mechanical mixers in the first aerobic zone of bioreactor No.’s 4 and 5; replacement of all existing mixed liquor return pumps (new and old plants); replacement... Read More
Project Type: Ethanol | Location: Aylmer, Ontario
The Integrated Grain Processors Cooperative (IGPC) Ethanol Plant in Alymer, ON was delivered under a design-build contract using ICM ethanol technology. The finished plant is capable of producing 40 million USG of denatured ethanol per year . The overall construction and commissioning of this plant... Read More
Project Type: Heavy Civil & Infrastructure | Location: Thorne, Ontario
The Timiskaming Dam Complex is located approximately 65km northeast of North Bay Ontario, on the border between Quebec and Ontario. The work included the construction of a temporary downstream cofferdam; complete replacement of a 120m wide flow control dam on the Ottawa River; installation of new... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Boyne, Ontario
The Britannia Pumping Station involves the construction of a new 1000 L/s wastewater pumping station including overflow discharge to the Sixteen Mile Creek and installation of a 450mm forcemain on the existing Britannia Road Sixteen Mile Creek bridge crossing, with two stubs for future 450mm... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Kingston, Ontario
Construction of a new Filter Building that includes; New raw water feed channel, 3 new rapid mix tanks and mixers, 10 new flocculation tanks with mixers, backwash waste conduit, flocculated water conduit, 5 new dual medial filters, and associated piping, 2 new clearwells, 2 new blowers and... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
A new water treatment plant building located adjacent to and on top of an existing treated water storage reservoir. Scope of work consists of removal of existing equipment inside pumphouse 1, to include associted items such as supports, housekeeping pads, electrical/controls cabling, panels etc... Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Oakville, Ontario
Retrofit of an existing Water Purification Plant which includes upgraded treatment processes, modifications / additions to existing building structures, upgrades to electrical components and routing, installation of Reinforces Pressure Pipe and Concrete Pressure Pipe.Read More
Project Type: Water Treatment | Location: Timmins, Ontario
Upgrades to existing Water Pollution Control Plant, including new construction of 3 aeration tanks, 3 secondary clarifiers with scum pits, RAS/WAS gallery, Raw Sewage Pumping Station, Blower Building, Secondary Treatment Building, and an Intermediate Pumping Station. Modifications also include the... Read More