Jericho Reservoir

Project Type: 
Water Treatment
Project Owner: 
Metro Vancouver
Project Consultant: 
Project Value: 
Project Years: 
March 2019 - July 2020

The Jericho Reservoir Phase 1 work consists generally of the supply, installation, construction, testing and commissioning of all materials related to the construction a new above ground reservoir and valve chamber, including earthworks, shoring, live service tie-ins, concrete and formwork, process equipment, control and commissioning.   In order for the project to be fully operational, there are constraints on some of the tie-in work such as duration, season and time of the day that NAC is required to comply with.

The key components of the Work are generally described as follows;-

  • Construction of a dual cell, 20.6ML reinforced concrete potable water reservoir, and main valve control chamber. 
  • Construction of an external below ground precast valve chamber.  Construction of overflow piping and berm. 
  • Supply, fabrication and installation of process piping, plumbing, valves, and appurtenances. 
  • Supply and installation of electrical (including power supply and standby power generator), instrumentation and control systems. 
  • Supply, fabrication and installation of heating and ventilation systems. 
  • Construction of site drainage and driveway. 
  • Planting of trees, landscaping and construction of a pond and water feature. 
  • Modifications at the Barnston Island Main. 
  • Construction of Township of Langley items (provisional items)
  • Commissioning and Testing. Restoration and clean-up. 
  • Other related work and/or matters including but not limited to construction of access roads, pedestrian and traffic control, noise and dust control, compliance with safety requirements.