Point Pleasant Water Treatment Plant

Aerial overview Point Pleasant Water Treatment Plant
Aerial overview Point Pleasant Water Treatment Plant
Rock removals for foundation
Blueskin install for Entrance Canopy
Pump Gallery
Two celled Lagoon separated by rocks
Crane lifting transformer for install
Project Type: 
Water Treatment
Project Owner: 
Utilities Kingston
Project Consultant: 
J.L. Richards & Associates
Project Value: 
Project Years: 

Construction of a new Filter Building that includes; New raw water feed channel, 3 new rapid mix tanks and mixers, 10 new flocculation tanks with mixers, backwash waste conduit, flocculated water conduit, 5 new dual medial filters, and associated piping, 2 new clearwells, 2 new blowers and associated piping, new backwash pump and associated suction and discharge piping, new filter-to-waste system and demolition of existing filter-to-waste system, new chemical storage facilities for process chemical storage and metering,

Demolition to the existing process chemical storage and metering equipment, building extension including mechanical room, electrical room, new entrance, control room, washroom etc.

Modifications to the existing Filter Building, a new Storage Reservoir, High Lift Pumping Station, gas chlorination facility with outdoor emergency scrubber, new backwash waste supernatant chamber, substation complete with installation of transformers, new electrical distribution, emergency power generator, new SCADA telemetry system.