Annacis Island WWTP SCT Blower Replacement

Blower Gallery with people wearing white hardhats
MCC Panel on housekeeping pad underneath cable tray
Project Type: 
Water Treatment
Project Owner: 
Metro Vancouver
Project Consultant: 
Brown & Caldwell
Project Value: 
Project Years: 

The Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant Blower Installation project included the removal of two existing solids contact tank blowers and associated items and the installation of three new 700hp blowers with three pad mounted transforms and associated items.

In order to complete the upgrade on the MCC/Switchgear to accommodate the three new blowers, and new soft starter for Blower 1 and a temporary Diesel Generator was required to be on standby for the emergency usage of Blower 1, which was an existing 800hp Blower.

Along with the blower upgrades there was a CDAC upgrade which included new instrumentation, controls, control panel and termination panels.

All work was coordinated around an operating facility to ensure no plant interruptions occurred. NAC self performed all civil, mechanical and electrical works for this project.