Orangeville Water Pollution Control Plant Expansion

Aerial Overview of Orangeville Water Pollution Control Plant with NAC group out front
Excavation within shored area
Tying rebar for concrete slab pour
Overview showing pump truck for concrete pour
Sideview of filled Clarifier and rest of site
Project Type: 
Water Treatment
Project Owner: 
Town of Orangeville Ontario
Project Consultant: 
R.J. Burnside & Associates
Project Value: 
Project Years: 
2015 - 2018

The Orangeville Water Pollution Control Plant Expansion and upgrades includes: a new detritor rake mechanism; additional bioreactor; new mechanical mixers in the first aerobic zone of bioreactor No.’s 4 and 5; replacement of all existing mixed liquor return pumps (new and old plants); replacement of existing blowers (new and old plants) with new blowers; additional square clarifier; new scum hopper for clarifier No. 2 along with replacement of the scum pump and piping and addition of a second scum pump; replacement of mechanisms and control panels for clarifiers No. 1 and 2; remove and replace existing RAS and WAS pumps with four VFD controlled combined RAS/WAS pumps.

The project also includes a new electrical control building; replace existing alum feed pumps with 6 new pumps and heat traced discharge piping; construct a new single media shallow bed, automatic backwash filter and building; demolish existing digester building and contents; construct a new boiler building with new boiler equipment dedicated solely to the digester; complete refurbishment of filter No. 1 components; sand media in filter No. 2 to be replaced; new larger capacity VFD controlled pumps; new centrate holding tank and pumping system; new effluent wash water pumping system and new related underground piping; new 650kW diesel generator, new electrical substation and associated distribution equipment, replacement of various MCCs with new MCCs and various electrical upgrades; upgrades to ventilation systems and electrical equipment; various flood proofing improvements to the older structures in the plant; related mechanical process piping and control devices; yard piping ranging in pipe sizes from 50 to 900 mm dia., related shoring and dewatering systems, temporary traffic control lighting when work is on-going on Townline right-of-way, and continuous maintenance of regular flows.