Winnipeg South Water Pollution Control Center Contract #4

Aerial overview of jobsite with NAC team standing between two large cranes
jobsite view with NAC team
Night concrete pour for slab using pump truck
NAC individual inspecting electrical duct banks to be encased in concrete
winter photo of empty tank with multiple pipe penetrations entering tank
Interior process piping
Project Type: 
Water Treatment
Project Owner: 
The City of Winnipeg, MB
Project Consultant: 
CH2M - Parsons
Project Value: 
Project Years: 
Sep. 2017 - Dec. 2021

Contract #4 for the Winnipeg South End Water Pollution Control Center (SEWPCC) involves expanding and upgrading the facility to meet the operating and effluent limits outlined in Environment Act License 2716RR dated April 18, 2012, as well as accommodating year 2031 forecasted influent flows and loads.

Work generally consists of an expansion of the existing facility from its present capacity of 278.5 ML/d to 420 ML/d. This includes all remaining civil, substructures, superstructures, architecture, mechanical equipment, process equipment, valves and piping, electrical and controls work required to complete the SEWPCC Upgrades for the city of Winnipeg.  Over a four year period, NAC will be performed work in or on the Service Building, Chemcial/Electrical Building, the fermenters and sludge thickeners, the Headworks facility, the High Rate Clarification Building, the Administration Building, the Primary and Secondary Clarifiers, the Biofilter and Odour Control Systems, the UV Disinfection Building, and the overall Yard works and Electrical Substation.